In love 💕

The real mastermind of Oscar Scheller music :p

Star on the making….💫

Chibi Tech gave me her stage gear at Chip Fest 10! Nyaaaa so happy! Wore it on stage for #kerokerobonito gig at turf projects on Sunday!

One day I’m gona get super good and join a punk band as a girl drummer!

Yesterday at Matthews yard opening for the turf project kick starter launch! :)))) No Turf Unturned!!

Hehehehe putting tutu to comfy sleepy land

How I turned a model into a psychedelic tree part ll

I wanted to turn the model into some psychedelic tree for a photoshoot! Here’s how I did it part l

Not much people know this but I actually learnt japanese tea ceremony for like 6 years hence my obsession with macha!! ✨

I used to look such a badass! I was 19 here!

Breakfast time~~~omnomnom

Some toilet art I did for the boys urinal :p